Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Episcopal Church 101

For anyone who has ever been curious about The Episcopal Church, who we are, what we believe, how we're different from other Christian traditions, and how we're the same, I very highly recommend "Welcome to the Episcopal Church: An Introduction to It's History, Faith, and Worship" by Christopher L. Webber

It's a short little book, with only 133 pages, but it is packed with really good information about, well.... the history, faith, and worship of The Episcopal Church. The language used is very easy to read and the explanations offered are clear and concise. I read it cover to cover during the flight back from Frankfurt last week and still managed to take a nice three hour nap. So that should tell you how fast a read this really is. This was one of the two supplemental readings assigned to us in my Inquirer's Class (preparation for confirmation by the bishop in April). After reading it I have to say that I loved being an Episcopalian before, but reading about the church, the faith, the people, and the Anglican Communion in general makes me love my Episcopalian-ness even more. I'm so happy not only to have found where I belong, but also to have been received with such open arms and open hearts.

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