Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Countdown to Crazy Horse: 19 Weeks Left

I meant to post this last week, but we were super busy over the weekend and we were out-of-town at the beginning of this week. So last week I went on three runs with James and Piper.

5 miles, 10:45 pace
Monday it was POURING down raining. It rained all day, but had started to slow by the late afternoon. So I figured we could just run in the drizzle and it would keep me cool. Well, it was okay for a little while... then the skies just opened up. By the time we got back to the car we were COMPLETELY soaked. Completely. It was okay, though. The car seats were wet and gross for a say or two, but I did stay nice and cool.

6 miles, 11:33 pace
Wednesday's run included some pretty serious hills (which I hate). My legs felt a little stiff and heavy, probably from Monday's run. Jumping from last week's mileage to this week's mileage was probably a bit ambitious. But I did okay.

8 miles, 11:59 pace
Notice how much slower I'm getting as the week progresses? The fatigue of the week was definitely starting to get to me. We brought some carbohydrate gels for this run and that made all the difference for me during the last few miles. I think I'm going to take them anytime I run longer than an hour.

Weekly total: 19 miles
Monthly total: 26.8 miles
Yearly total: 139.3 miles

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