Monday, July 16, 2012

The Dove Sequence

"Although the arm balance may pose a challenge, the fun is giving it a try. This flow of movements uses balances, twists and side bends to tone the waistline and increase flexibility in the back and hips. All levels with care." Kate Potter

Beginner: Have fun with the challenges presented by this sequence. You will find familiarity in some poses, and will explore how to approach them when they are changed. Bring your confidence, observe the results of your efforts, then let it all go! The Sun Moon breath body link will call you to take control of your oppositional forces - strength in the legs and feet as you stretch your arms and spine. Be mindful of your alignment on the inhale - tuck your tailbone under and focus on pulling your belly and chest up. On the exhale, contract your belly and use the strength of your arms to bring the calm energy of the moon back to you.

Advanced: Explore balance, arm strength and overall upper body flexibility in this sequence. Focus on expressing each pose fully, being aware of the nuances that increase the benefits of each position. Confidence and a playful approach will make it a lot more fun! upon exhalation in the sun-moon breath body link, feel the earth energy rising through you, lifting with the bandhas. On the inhale, stretch your arms and upper body outward and up as the lower body reaches down

And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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