Monday, July 9, 2012

The Lord of the Fishes Sequence

"This sequence starts standing and moves to the floor to take us through the variations of Sage Post and the Sitting Head to Knee. The spine, the shoulders, and the hips are all deeply stretched. Caution to beginners. This is an intermediate/advanced practice." Kate Potter

Beginner: Lord of the Fishes is a challenging sequence. It is designed to teach you to "go with the flow," so bare that in mind as you attempt the postures. It doesn't matter how far you go into each posture, just breathe, and be comfortable and enjoy! The breath body link is Lotus Link. Stretch arms overhead and cross the wrists on the inhale. Arms descend on the exhald and the elbows bend as the wrists and hands begin to open. Keep your shoulders low and body aligned as you move through the link.

Advanced: Lord of the Fishes is invigorating and inspiring. Focus on expressing each pose fully. Use the deepening movements to check your alignment. Lift and open through the torso to keep the breath full. The Lotus Link will draw your attention to your hands, their grace, strength, and fluidity. As you are comfortable with the timing of your breath, focus on using the energy from your center to lift the arms and provide graceful support to the hands as they express the unfurling of the lotus flower.


And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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