Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dancing Shiva Sequence

Kate has created this one for all of the advanced Yogis to test their strength, balance, and good humor. In fact, all the joints are strengthened by this sequence and it is a rigorous workout for all the muscles. Have a good time with it.

Beginners: Dancing Shiva, when taken with a light heart and from an experiential viewpoint, is a challenging and fun practice to attempt. Don't push the poses. Take baby steps with the more challenging postures. If you enjoy them, return to them over and over! The Earth-Rain breath body link pulls grounding energy from the earth while showering the mind and body with positive energy flow. Elbows seal as you lift your hands on the inhale. Drop shoulders and release tension on the exhale breath. Keep your weight balanced on both elgs and feel grounded in your feet through the link.

Advanced: Dancing Shiva is an empowering practice for the advanced yogi. It will test your strength, balance and sense of humor. This is a great workout for all the muscles. Enjoy the sequence and it will teach you as much about your spirit as it will your physique! The link is Earth-Rain. Focus on creating energy in the palms of the hands and as the forearms and elbows connect on the inhale lift. Drop the chin and left from the head as your arms rain down on the exhalation. Feel grounded in your feet and tuck your tailbone gently under.

And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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