Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Exalted Warrior Sequence

Kate Potter's "Exalted Warrior" sequence is a standing series focused on moving through various warrior and triangle poses. This is a basic standing series with beginner/intermediate level of difficulty. The full episode, along with the others, is available on DVD for purchase.

Here's what the Namaste Yoga bloggers have to say about the sequence:

Beginners: As you learn the sequence, focus on how the movements feel, not on how they look. The body will begin to move where the breath will afford to take you and no further. The breath body link is called Heart opening and will help develop strength in muscles we do not typically use - can you feel the tension in your ankles and hip rotators? Be sure to keep your feet parallel to one another. On the inhale breath focus on the expansion in the chest. On the exhale focus on the contraction, your chin tucked in slightly to elongate your spine.

Advanced: Focus on applying the bandhas on the exhale, allowing yourself to deepen into each pose. On the inhale focus on a long waist and a lifted chest, feeling your energy rising up. Gently guide your mind back to your practice if it wanders. The breath body link is called heart opening link. Once you are comfortable opening and closing your arms with breath, begin to focus on your energy. When you inhale extend energy out from your core, letting your tension leave. When you exhale return your hands to heart's center with fresh energy. Feel revitalized and open, ready to begin again.

And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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