Monday, January 17, 2011

Run 2

Time - 45:04
Pace - 11:39
Distance - 3.87 miles

Today was supposed to be another hour long run around the track, but the weather was working against me. It's cold (about 45 degrees) and drizzling and all I want to do is curl up in a blanket and nap on the couch. But the hour long track run for the Grand Prix is on Sunday and I didn't run at all during our trip to visit our family, so I felt like I needed to do something. Plus spending 14 hours in the car yesterday has left my body feeling stiff and in need of some exercise.

So I bundled up and opted to go for a run around a little rural neighborhood near our house. I decided to only run for 45 minutes because I don't want to be sore and I'd like to get in another run or two before this weekend without feeling totally spent on the day of the event.

I ran at a pace that felt faster than conversation, but slow enough to be comfortable. Part of me wishes that I'd pushed myself a little harder so I could have run at a pace less than 11 minutes per mile. But I know how I felt and it was probably better that I did a nice, easy run. I might not have made it the full 45 minutes if I had gone any faster. Learning to pace and recognize my body's limitations is an important component of distance running. I don't want to burn out during a run and I don't want to burn out in the course of the year.

And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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