Monday, January 17, 2011

Introducing Hamish MacPuppy

We have a new puppy!! For those of you who don't already know, my parents found two small puppies on their front porch about a week ago. We arrived for our visit two days later and began an exhaustive search for new homes for the puppies. To my surprise, NO ONE wanted them. Who doesn't want a puppy?? They're so cute! After several potential homes fell through, we finally found a home for one of the puppies (the girl). We really hoped to keep them together, but new the chances of that were slim. It was a little disappointing, but girl puppy's new mommy is really great and I felt good about handing her over.

We still didn't have a home for boy puppy and the date of our return trip home was approaching soon. My parents couldn't keep him because they already have two dogs and don't have the time or space for parenting a puppy. We couldn't take him to a shelter because we'd never know if he found a good home. I just couldn't do it and keep a clear conscience. So ultimately we decided to bring him home with us.

Clearly, I've lost my mind.... but he's so cute. And he really is a very good puppy to be so young (vet estimated about 10 weeks). We think the puppies were unwanted Christmas presents, which is just so sad to me. Not four days after they showed up at my parents' house, an incredible snow storm hit. If they hadn't found their way to us, they likely would not have survived the storm. But luckily they did find us and now they each have new homes.

We just got back home from our trip last night (that's another story in and of itself) so I wanted to share the good news of our newest little fur baby with my blog readers. These pictures were taken with my Blackberry in dim lighting, so they're a little grainy. But you get the idea. So without further delay, meet our little boy:

Hamish MacPuppy

And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.


  1. Super cute!!! What kinda dog do you think it is? Good luck on the potty training that is never fun. J

  2. The vet said he's a lab mix, but predominantly lab. I think the rest will be more obvious once he's bigger.

    He's actually almost completely potty trained. Being only about 10 weeks old, his bladder can only last so long. But he knows that he's supposed to go outside.

    The trouble is that he's been living in four different houses (his original one, my parents' house, James' grandfather's house, and now our house), so he doesn't know where the doors are yet.

    BUT we haven't had any accidents (knock on wood) since we came home. Vigilance and consistency is KEY.... and we have mostly hardwood floors so that makes cleaning things up MUCH easier, haha.


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