Monday, January 3, 2011

Run 1

Time - 24:57
Pace - 10:24/mile
Distance - 2.4 miles

Today I went to the base with the intent to run around the outdoor track for an hour. The first Grand Prix event (a 1 hour track run) is in a few weeks and I thought this would be the best way to prepare. I need to get my body used to the feeling of running for an hour, but I also need to get my mind used to the feeling of running in a quarter-mile long circle for an hour.

I had a terrible time getting to the track. Apparently, I picked the worst possible time to try to go anywhere on base because there was a massive group run going on. I don't know how many people there were... I'm going to guess somewhere in the ball park of 500-700 people maybe? I have no idea. What I do know is that there were several streets blocked off, that the runners were NOT running on the sidewalk, and they were going incredibly slow! It took me, no joke, almost an hour just to get to a parking place. And even then, I still wasn't where I wanted to be.

I resigned to parking near the gym (not AT the gym, NEAR the gym) which is about half a mile away from the outdoor track. I figured that I would run to the track, run around the track, and then run back to the car and try to take about an hour to do it. When I got to the track, they were conducting PT tests for about 50 people. And although I still could have run there, I didn't especially want to. So I decided I'd just go for a free run around the base and hope not to get lost in the process.

Ultimately, I ended up running much faster than I usually do (guess I was feeling a little frustrated) and made my way back to the car in much less than an hour. But it felt good to get outside and it was better than nothing. At this point, I just need to get myself back into the habit of just running, regardless of whether or not I hit a target time or distance.

And may the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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